BEN can be trained to play any system, so this is the Convention Card from GIB, that has provided the hands for training in the default system:

Convention Card

General approach

2/1 game forcing

NT openings

1NT = 15-17 2NT = 20-21 3NT = 24+

Minor openings

1C is 3+ 1D is 4+ (except if 4=4=3=2)

Two-level opening

2C forcing 2D/2H/2S = weak two


Leads and carding

Standard leads: highest from sequence or from inner sequence. A from AK. Top of nothing.

A lead of a small card does not show any count.

No signals of any kind are played. Small cards are played randomly.


The minimum requirements for opening, for weak twos, preempts, and overcall are quite conservative and rather old-school.

Competes quite aggressively.

Slam auctions are weird.